Service Features

Free quotation

Send in your texts by e-mail or by using the quotation form, also stating your desired date, to receive my free fixed-price quotation, which is without obligation for you and takes account of all your requirements for the job. To award the job and give me the go-ahead, simply send a short confirmation notice by e-mail, and I will begin to work on your text.

Sample translations

To get a valid impression of my capabilities as a translator, you can have samples from your texts translated free of charge before you decide on awarding the job. The sample translation will lead to no further costs or obligations for you.

Simply state in the Remarks section of the quotation form if you would like a sample translation together with the quotation and highlight the part of the text required as a sample (1/2 page, or 1 1/2 pages maximum for longer texts) in the source file.

Free status reports

If requested, you can receive a free status report for larger translation jobs (1,000 lines/6500 words or more) halfway before the final deadline or once 50 percent of the text has been completed. This report will include the text volume translated up to that point, plus a bilingual glossary with the translation of the most important keywords of your text(s) and their translations as an Excel spreadsheet or table in Word. This allows you to get a clear and concise picture of the ongoing work and to make requests for changes if required. I will then implement such changes in the completed as well as the remaining text.

This is a very helpful tool for the timely and successful completion of your translation job.