Data Protection and Insurance

The safety and integrity of your data is highly important to me. Confidential texts, personal documents, as well as your invoice and contact details – a combination of different methods guarantees for the safety of all your data at all times.

Encrypted e-mail communication

E-mails are similar to postcards - they can be read by anyone hooked in along the transmission path. This also applies for file attachments.

Provided your mailing software has PGP functionality, we can exchange documents and translations safely encrypted through e-mail. All it takes to do this is to exchange our respective public PGP keys first. You can download my public key for my e-mail address here: Download public PGP key.

An alternative for sensitive data is sending the files in password-protected zip archives.

Encryption of all data stored

All texts and client data that are stored on my computers and all data carriers and backup media exist exclusively with 256-bit encryption and protected by strong passwords. This process uses a virtual Truecrypt container. Any spying or data mining is excluded.

Pecuniary damage liability insurance

A complicated term, which is however indispensable for any professional service provider. If you incur financial damage due to a fault in my translation - for instance if a brochure has to be reprinted - such losses will be covered by R+V insurance company (police no. 405/25/517864641) up to an amount of 200,000 euros per damage case.