Translation work in accordance with the quality standard DIN 2345

The aim in my daily work is to produce quality not just as a product of chance but as a consistent result of carefully designed work routines.

This can be best achieved with the DIN 2345 standard, which may have been officially replaced by the new DIN EN 15038 yet still remains, in the view of many language service providers for whom quality is a priority concern, the best definition of how quality in translation services can be attained.

For this reason, I base my work on the specifications of this standard, which refers in particular to the communication between the client and the translator:

Before I can actually implement your specifications regarding the target text - i.e. the translation – I naturally need to know them first. For this reason, I would like to ask you to state your requirements for your translated as clearly and detailed as possible - the best way to do this is by filling in the quotation form and sending it in together with your files. It contains a ‘Quality Section’, which is based on the DIN 2345 and asks for all relevant, so-called ‘text-external information’ that I need to do my work in the best possible way, especially with regard to the function of the text, the target audience and their pre-existing text-related knowledge, the intended purpose of the text, special preferred terminology, etc. As an alternative, you can also download the quotation form as a Word file and send it in together with the texts to be translated.

Download the quotation form with the quality section (word file)

Of course, filling in the quality section is absolutely not mandatory. I will always try to inquire for all the information I need and find helpful to produce adequate translations. However, not only does such information contribute to a job well done, it also makes work much easier for me, since I have all the information I need on the table, right from the start. The result: translations that meet your needs precisely, in less time.