Further training

Reading translation studies at university allowed me to acquire important know-how in dealing with the issues and aspects encountered every day in my line of work. But that alone is not enough. Without an understanding of what a specialised text is trying to say, chances are slim that it will be translated successfully. It is indispensable to have some knowledge in the specific field the text belongs to.

Therefore, I consider it an obligation to develop my technical knowledge continuously. I regularly use on-site seminars and courses to make myself acquainted with new fields before delving deeper into the subject matter by studying the relevant literature in my working languages. I did read mechanical engineering as a supplementary subject at university, which to this day serves as a reliable basis for my further explorations of the fields I specialise in.

The following is a summary of all the subject-related seminars I attended over the past years. In addition to the courses below, I also attend seminars on the efficient use of tools (e. g. on software and technology) and on how to better organise my work.

Overview of courses

October 2014, Hildesheim:
Introduction to Mechatronics, with the focus on materials handling technology

March 2014, Leipzig:
A kaleidoscope of energy policy

  • Key concepts of the new energy carrier revolution and their definitions, political and legal framework, marketplaces for energy trading, advantages and drawbacks of known technologies, national and international factors of electricity pricing, grid infrastructure, standards and regulations for grid stabilisation and security of supply, international supply models.


September 2013, Leipzig:

Automotive technology – engine technology / combustion engines, chassis engineering

  • two-day seminar – the inside of a combustion engine, presentation of various engine types; chassis components: chassis/suspension, wheel brakes, tyres/rims, shock absorbers, support bearings, steering knuckles, and more

May 2013, Leipzig:
Renewable energies – wind energy

  • How wind turbines work, generating and feeding in electricity, onshore and offshore wind farms, importance of wind energy within the energy mix

October 2012, Leipzig:
Translation and localisation technology – Tools and processes

  • Analysing software for file formats and text segments contained in the source code, selecting suitable tools to extract text, preparing text elements for localisation, evaluating localisation tools

April 2012, Leipzig:
Grid-connected photovoltaic systems

  • Components, planning and design of grid-connected PV systems (site survey, yield predictions, shading, installations, volume, selecting modules/inverters, sizing), installation and commissioning (German Renewable Energy Act EEG, feed-in agreements, acceptance, warranty, troubleshooting), market, economic and energetic amortisation (market developments, exemplary amortisation), site visit to the PV system on the roof of St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig

November 2011, Leipzig:
The language of banking and finance

  • Even translators focused on technical fields frequently encounter economic and financial aspects in their texts. This seminar conveyed fundamental knowledge in these fields, such as types of bank accounts, international trade and payment systems and investments.

October 2011, Leipzig:
English and German law compared

  • Comparison of concepts from the two legal systems, particularities of English and Welsh law, features of the language of law

April 2011, Leipzig:
Software and website localisation

  • two-day seminar – introduction to the localisation software SDL Passolo, workflows in the localising process, quality assurance, working with contents from “classic” HTML pages as well as content management systems, fundamental knowledge in HTML, XML, Unicode

October 2010, Munich:
Technology weekend of BDÜ Bavaria

  • three-day seminar – comprehensive introduction to the foundations of renewable energy technologies (photovoltaics, wind turbines, geothermal technology, biomass) by several lecturers, site visit to the PV system on the area of Technische Universität München, presentation of the fields’ terminology and material in English and French

February 2010, Augsburg:
Translating deeds in practice

  • The certified translation of deeds, certificates and other documents for use in courts and for public authorities has its own requirements in terms of form and content, all of which were presented in this seminar.